Becoming a Financial Member of the Association


What are the different levels of access to QAGTC Website?

ANONYMOUS USER = limited access to free sections of the QAGTC website

WEBSITE LOGIN USER = sign up for monthly newsletters and register for non-member places in activities at non-member rates

FINANCIAL MEMBER = access forums and chats, discounts on activities, ability to self-book in to QAGTC activities, priority updates on activities when announced, ongoing support and advice, advocacy for your child and more... 

PLEASE NOTE: Any information gathered during the Website LOGIN process is held as strictly confidential - please see our privacy statement below.

Become a Financial Member and Renew your membership Today! 

Any adult of good character over the age of 18 is entitled to apply for membership of QAGTC.

Children do not join QAGTC - their privileges are derived from their parent's membership of the association.

There are two types of membership:

  • Institution -  for schools, tertiary institutions, education centres, libraries, government departments, etc.
  • Individual/Family -  for families whose children will benefit from activities or for teachers and other people with an interest in this area
Institutional members, such as schools etc, are entitled to two membership discounts on registration for all activities and conferences etc. Institutional members are still required to nominate a main personal contact for the school (etc) for contact purposes. If the person leaves that particular institution, then the institution is entitled to nominate another person as the main institutional contact. 

Concessional and full time student rates are available.

If you are interested in joining please use the JOIN button on the right hand side menu.

Why join?

Membership of the Association provides up to the minute access to information about the Association's activities as well as the ability to self register into activities at the member rate. As soon as an activity is confirmed, members can opt to be automatically contacted so that they can have priority booking. Members are also able to participate in discussions and other activities to share ideas with other parents and teachers of gifted activities. 

Non-members are welcome to attend activities at the nominated (non-member) attendance fees. Non-members are able to register for a free "What's on at QAGTC This Month?" e-newsletter detailing monthly events and activities.