Frequently Asked Questions

Can gifted children be overly sensitive?
My daughter is a real drama queen, but her sensitivity is real and she cannot tolerate loud noises, crowded venues, seams on socks, labels on shirts. It can make life difficult for all of us!

Super-sensitivity and over-excitability in gifted children is real and can be misinterpreted as immaturity and bad behaviour. Here are some websites about super-sensitive gifted children which might provide additional insights into behaviour.

Research indicates that social and emotional development is on a par with intellectual development and accelerated gifted children are much advantaged by this action. Social and emotional maturity levels usually fall between chronological age and mental age in the child's make up, unless the child is disadvantaged by being in a low challenge environment. Then you may see frustration that looks like immaturity but when the child is working with intellectual peers or on challenging materials the negative behaviours disappear and their maturity has a chance to be expressed. Of course acceleration must be well supported by awareness of gifted education issues. Your school might also need your help to understand supersensitivity.

How do I join?
I've tried using the Site Login/New Account link and entering a new login and password but it expects it to already exist. What am I doing wrong?

To obtain your free Web Account for the QAGTC website, click the "SITE LOGIN / ACCOUNT"  button at the top of the page and then select "Click here to Register for your free account".

Please understand that the processes involved with changing over to a completely new website are somewhat massive. Some areas may seem a bit "thin" but please keep checking and forwarding your suggestions and comments. We ask you to note that whilst the changeover is in process, there may be some short delays with verifying current QAGTC Members. Please be patient while we try to speed up this lengthy process.

What do I do if I'm already a financial QAGTC Member???

If you are already a financial QAGTC member, you simply apply for a site login (as mentioned above and demonstrated below) and then send us an email to office [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au so that we can activate your account. This may take a few days while we continue the changeover process but, until then, you can use the "registered user" sections of the website.

If you have attended the GAGNE Saturday Workshop (April 2009) you are entitled to immediate ATN status (please mention this in the message of your email).

If you did not attend the GAGNE workshop, look for "Advanced Teacher Network" in the search box at the top of the site to see if you can qualify.

Still Not Sure??

 Watch this short video which explains how it all works

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What is the QAGTC Inc?

The Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children (QAGTC) is a member-funded, volunteer-based, incorporated organisation dedicated to supporting gifted children, their families and their teachers. Adults hold membership of QAGTC, which is affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented Ltd.

In addition to publishing Mindscape, Kidscape and activities schedules, we also provide an information service (for parents and professional educators), children’s and adults’ activities, resource library, and advocacy for advancing the cause of gifted children within communities, schools, education systems and government. Workshops are held regularly on a range of topics related to giftedness. QAGTC conducts conferences, and provides support to regional action for gifted children.