Gifted Children Who Underachieve in School - Parent/Teacher Support Group Meeting

Parents and educators are concerned about gifted children who underachieve in school. In fact educators and policy makers devote a lot of time and effort to supporting all students towards high achievement. What does it really mean to achieve in school? Likewise, what is it to underachieve? And what impact does possible underachievement have on a child? Parents can become frustrated when they feel that their child is not optimally achieving. This informal session will focus on some of the indicators of achievement in school, alongside strategies that parents can utilise to support optimal educational outcomes.


  • Saturday, 17 February 2018 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm


  • Queensland Academy for Health Sciences
    102 Edmund Rice Drive (Follow the signs)
  • Southport QLD

Event type: Parent support group meeting

  • Maximum places: 50

Facilitator:   A globally published author and researcher, Dr Geraldine Townend has over a decade of experience in the field of gifted education with a special interest in gifted learners with disability (GLD). Geraldine completed her PhD on GLD at Griffith University and is now a research fellow at the Griffith Institute of Educational Research. Her research interests focus on supporting gifted and GLD students to aspire to develop their potential in education, including the development of positive academic self-concept. Geraldine is also the mother of a current student at the Queensland Academy for Health Sciences (our venue on this occasion).

Please Note: Children do NOT attend parent/teacher support group meetings.


To create an environment in which participants feel confident to discuss aspects of parenting and teaching, we request that support group meetings be ‘adults only’.  On this occasion there will be no children’s workshops running concurrently, and no arrangements can be made for unsupervised children.


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