GLD Australia

GLD Australia is a national online learning community responding to the needs of gifted children and gifted adults with specific learning disability and other learning challenges, and the needs of those who care for, teach and advocate for them, through the sharing of information, research and personal experiences.
GLD Australia is an independent community with a member-owned and member-operated closed Yahoo Group list.
It is affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT):, which is the Australian national umbrella association for State gifted associations.
GLD Australia has no political or commercial affiliations.
Members of GLD Australia include parents, educators and other professionals dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by people who identify as gifted with learning disability (GLD) and related issues, thereby assisting them to benefit from specialised identification and intervention/treatment as early as possible. Members participate in the community as individuals and support one another without commercial interest. Adults who themselves identify as GLD are strongly encouraged to join.
Participants in GLD Australia represent a very diverse group – from those whose child or student has been formally identified as gifted and/or as having a learning disability or related issue, to those who simply have a “feeling” that the child is not achieving academically as well as they could or should.  Included also are gifted adults who may have achieved extraordinary things in their lives, yet may have always suspected that there was “something” holding them back – perhaps in the areas of reading or writing or spelling or math or concentration or emotional regulation.
You may have seen such individuals referred to internationally as “2e” (twice-exceptional) or “DME” (dual or multiple exceptionality).
Joining GLD Australia is free.    
However, GLD Australia requests that its members also become and remain financial members of a gifted association or learning disabilities association as they wish.
This is run on an honour-system, but we’re confident that most GLD Australia members will comply with this request and will join whatever existing association they feel best suits their own needs.
GLD Australia members need not join such an association in their own State, and are of course free to choose whichever one most appeals to them. Except for AAEGT, GLD Australia has no special relationship with any gifted or learning disbilities association.
GLD Australia face-to-face meetings:
GLD Australia members who live in the same city, town, local area or regional/remote area are encouraged to hold ad hoc face-to-face meetings if they wish but, because GLD Australia is not an incorporated association and has no insurance, local groups will need to find a venue which does not require a certificate of currency. 
There are no “rules” regarding the holding, frequency, administration or advertising of such individual GLD Australia gatherings. Participants may appoint a local convenor to call regular meetings and source guest speakers, or they may just agree among themselves to meet in X cafe on Y date.
GLD Australia face-to-face meeting groups have already been formed in Sydney and Adelaide. Plans are underway for one to be formed soon in Southeast Queensland. 
Other locations round Australia will be announced from time to time on the GLD Australia Yahoo Group.
Questions about any of the above are welcomed, and may be addressed to the GLD Australia national coordinator, Carol Barnes: carol [at] bartink [dot] com [dot] au