Past Conferences

QAGTC has a rich history of providing quality conferences with engaging and informative speakers. 

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International Conference - 2015

22nd State Conference - 2014

21st State Conference - 2013

20th State Conference - 2012

19th State Conference - 2011

18th State Conference - 2010

17th State Conference - 2008

16th State Conference - 2007

15th State Conference

14th State Conference

13th State Conference

12th State Conference

11th State Conference

10th State Conference

9th State Conference

8th State Conference

7th State Conference

6th State Conference

5th State Conference

4th State Conference

3rd State Conference

2nd State Conference

Inaugural State Conference

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AGM for Brisbane North Branch

North Branch financial members, come along and join us for afternoon tea and  our AGM.  You'll hear about what we have been doing as a branch, and work with us on plans for next year as well.  We would love to have new comittee members join us, as several positions will be open.   You don't have to be an expert to join us on the committee, just willing to help and support others on their journey!

21st State Conference 2013 QAGTC

16th March Keynote by June Maker  15th March Teacher Workshop with June Maker  Conference Venue: Woodcrest State College, Woodcrest.  Registration information

Darling Downs & Western Region Branch AGM

The Darling Downs and Western Regions Branch of QAGTC will hold their AGM at the Dr Price Room, Little Street Toowoomba, at 3:00 pm on Saturday 11 September

It is very important that we have a quorum of at least 9 members (or proxy forms in lieu of attendance).  The state management committee has advised us that our branch will be wound up if there is not enough local support to maintain a committee and continue as a branch.

QAGTC 18th State Conference - Σ Gifted: A rising tide that lifts all ships

Come to share and learn with other people interested in meeting the needs of gifted children .