Psychologists and Counsellors

Educational Consultants

  • Ken Imison   (Structure of the Intellect)  
    Phone: (07) 4630 8889 Toowoomba, travels.


  • Michele Juratowitch,  
    Phone: (07) 3378 0888 Mobile: 0438 744 994
  • Janelle Homan, Family Therapist
    Phone: (07) 3839 7679

Identification of giftedness and educational placement decisions may require more than a single measure of ability. Assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses will inform what services, based on individual needs, are the most effective means of assisting gifted students to develop their potential. Parents/caregivers/families, teachers, mentors, peers and others with significant knowledge of and positive inclination towards the child can provide relevant information for compilation of a portfolio. These data can be gathered in different ways, such as observing performance and products, assembling samples of work, and conducting interviews both within and outside of school settings to add to assessment reports.

QAGTC provides detailed information free of charge to members as well as general information to casual inquirers. We recommend that counselling and assessment of gifted children requires the services of professionals with knowledge of giftedness and a special focus on assessment. Prospective clients can also ask service providers who offer educational advice about their attitude to ability grouping and acceleration, and avoid those who advise against these essential elements of gifted education.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing for ability profiling is available from psychologists. See the Queensland Psychology Board Register at

Professionals who are known to QAGTC compilers for having experience with gifted children are listed below. This list is for information and does not carry any particular recommendation from QAGTC.



Phone number


Tony Burton

(07) 3830 5327, 0407 427 754


Gerry Dangerfield

(07) 3378 0888


Kym McCarthy

(07) 5477 4402, 0438 544 545

Sunshine Coast

Mary McGrath

(07) 3371 0299

Red Hill

Coral Palmer

(07) 3480 5583


Sali Smith

(07) 3368 1300


Philip Trudinger

(07) 3391 3733



John Worthington

0414 883 463

travels around Queensland


Tania Marshall

0414 577 873

Sunshine Coast

Craig Wright

(07) 5526 1516Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

Kerry Marsh

(07) 5549 1696Willow Vale, Gold Coast

Julie Maunder

0407 197 523Camp Hill