children's workshop

Sensational Stories! Children's Workshop with Dr Cameron Stelzer

QAGTC North Branch welcomes "The Story Doctor", Dr Cameron Stelzer, to lead an exciting children's writing and illustration workshop: Sensational Stories!


Jump away from the screens and come and play some board games with QAGTC Gold Coast.


Coding - Learn how to build a classic arcade game!

DRAMA WORKSHOP: Characterisation and Improvisation Skills

This fun and creative workshop will focus on Characterisation and Improvisation skills.

Professors, problems and breaking the code: FUN FOR YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS!

We are very excited to be running a fun workshop for young mathematicians!

Electronica - Unconventional Ways to Make Music

Sculpting sounds: Creating music and manipulating sound in your hands!

Over two sessions, participants will experiment with a variety of music-making tools such as Korg’s Kaoss Pad, Yamaha’s MU10 Sampler, Zoom’s Gion Effects Processor, Moog’s Theremin, Gakken Stylophone, Mooer Pitch Box and many others.  Participants will use these instruments to create their own musical sounds and phrases, culminating in a joint composition in Session 2. 

No experience with traditional musical instruments or even musical knowledge is required for these sessions.  

The science of toys that fly (Gold Coast)

Enjoy hands-on activites as we explore the science behind flight.

Polymers Workshop (Gold Coast)

Explore the exciting science behind polymers!

Where Arts Meets Maths & Science Workshop

Wher do the arts meet maths and science?

Insects: Mosquitoes, Cockroaches & Flies

Where would the world be without them? Why shouldn’t we kill all the mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches?

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