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Special Event: Guest Speaker Dr Louise Porter

QAGTC Brisbane South - 23 May 2018 - Robertson State School

Advocacy for the New School Year- Discussion Meeting

A new school year usually brings a new teacher. Come along to discuss ideas on how to advocate for your child to get the year off to a great start!

Underachievement- Discussion meeting and Guided Study Module

 Underachievement is widely recognised as a substantial discrepancy between
potential and performance."

Join us for the last of our North Branch parent meetings for 2017 as we explore the complex and important topic of Underachievement together.

Branch Meeting - Parent Support Night Out

Share some ideas over some deliciously chocolatey treats!

Choosing a School for your Gifted Child

Come and learn strategies for choosing the right school for your gifted child with presenter Anthony Stevens!!

Branch Meeting / Parent Talk - Queensland Academies

Bright Minds , Brilliant Futures and Young Scholars programs

Discussion Meeting- Stimulating the Gifted Mind: Sharing ideas, tips and resources!

Are you looking for ideas to keep your child stimulated and learning outside of school? Come along as we all share ideas and experiences.

Branch Meeting / Parent Talk - Anxiety

Branch Meeting with Guest Speaker and Parent Discussion on Anxiety

Guided Study Group: Understanding Giftedness

Come along to the first of our weekend Guided Study Groups for 2017! The first module, "Understanding Giftedness" will give us the opportunity to develop a deeper knowledge of giftedness.

Discussion Meeting- The Profiles of Gifted and Talented Learners

North Branch are excited to share our first parent event for 2017!

In Term 1, our parent events will be exploring a range of topics around Understanding Giftedness. Our first evening meeting will be a discussion meeting, where will will explore the "Profiles of the Gifted and Talented" and discuss the implications for parenting and teaching.

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