Discussion Meeting- Supporting Mental and Physical Health for Gifted Children

Recent research from the US has highlighted a link between high IQ and an increased prevalence of mental and physiological health issues. In this meeting, we will be discussing this research, and what we can do to support the mental and physical health of gifted children.

Gifted Children Who Underachieve in School - Parent/Teacher Support Group Meeting

Parents and educators are concerned about gifted children who underachieve in school. In fact educators and policy makers devote a lot of time and effort to supporting all students towards high achievement. What does it really mean to achieve in school? Likewise, what is it to underachieve? And what impact does possible underachievement have on a child? Parents can become frustrated when they feel that their child is not optimally achieving. This informal session will focus on some of the indicators of achievement in school, alongside strategies that parents can utilise to support optimal educational outcomes.

Gifted children and bullying at school

The meeting will provide a safe place to discuss definitions of bullying and what might be done to prevent and protect gifted, twice exceptional, and indeed all children from being bullied.

North Branch Support Meeting

This month our president, Julia Bailey, will share Dr John Munro's 2013 publication: "High-ability learning and brain processes: How neuroscience can help us to understand how gifted and talented students learn and the implications for teaching."


Family Park Play Day

QAGTC Gold Coast  Coffee and Chat for May will be held at Evandale Park behind the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

Come and catch up with other families with gifted kids.

North Branch Support Meeting

Come along as we continue our monthly article studies, with this month's article:  "Stuck in Another Dimension:  The Exceptionally Gifted Child in School" by Stephanie Tolan.


Sunday 30 November 2014 - 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Come along to celebrate the end of a great year with QAGTC North Brisbane!!


  • Come along to celebrate the end of a great year with QAGTC North Brisbane!!

Parent Information Nights (PINs)

"Introduction to Gifted” is the first of a series of 3 evenings for parents, teachers, and carers addressing the issues of raising and educating gifted children on Monday 11th August.

Please note that children cannot be accommodated for at these evenings. 

QAGTC West Branch has been providing a series of PINs each year in Term 3

Gifted children with ADHD - How do I know if it’s really ADHD or ‘just giftedness’?

A high IQ is protective against nothing except a low one. Not all learning impairments are apparent in early childhood - indeed, the higher the IQ, the later they are usually identified. Often the signs of ADHD in an underachieving gifted child may be summarily dismissed by parents, teachers and others on the grounds that the child is ‘just gifted’ or ‘just bored and under-challenged’ - especially when the gifted child presents with the ‘predominantly inattentive’ form of ADHD - without hyperactivity, defiance, impulsivity or ‘bad’ behaviour. Is it worth delineating the exact cause of a gifted child’s academic underachievement or unhappiness, and does it matter what it’s called?  What about the gifted child whose professionally diagnosed ADHD is referred to by a nebulous, supposedly ‘gentler’ description or euphemism instead of an internationally accepted diagnosis, and who is thus left diagnostically homeless?  This session will focus on students who are BOTH gifted and ADHD – how to identify them, how to meet their needs in the classroom, how to support them when writing tests and examinations, and how to lift the ‘lazy’, ‘bored’ or ‘naughty’ masks to reveal the gifts beneath.

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