Roly, Poly – Music and Puppetry Workshop

We are going on a quest to discover the craziest songs and wackiest music games. We will sing, move and play instruments before creating our own performance using puppets. Participants will recreate an Australian animal story acting as puppeteers and musicians.  They will make up their own music and become composers to bring the puppet story to life. The workshop will be highly creative, building on cooperation and communication skills. Participants should come ready to have some silly fun. All workshop materials will be supplied.

Solving the Minotaur’s Maze with Robots

Help! Professor Robert Roboticus needs your help to solve the Minotaur’s Maze and find his way back to his time machine and 2014! Can you program a Robot Rat to go through the maze and avoid the Minotaur? The workshop is based around the LEGO NXT Robotic system and programming language. Participant will investigate how to program a Robot, which can move and interact with the real world via Sensors. The workshop activity will develop participants’ ability to think sequentially and logically and also develop communication and teamwork skills. All workshop materials will be supplied.

Preparing Creatively Gifted Children for the Academic Classroom

Creativity has become centrally relevant to education.  However, there remain academic pressures in the education system, which continues to value academic achievement over creative ability.  Creativity is essential to enable society to sustain a world that is worth living in. In the meantime, creatively gifted children must find ways of working successfully in the academic classroom and achieving their potential grades in class and standardized tests.  The creative individual can be highly complex but also possess valuable characteristics, which may be usefully transferred to the academic classroom.  During this session we aim to consider creativity, the characteristics of creatively gifted children, their motivation, self-regulation skills, and how these could be successfully transferred to support them in the academic classroom. 

Presented by Jasna Poeszus,M.Ed, C.O.G.E & Lyn Morris, M.Ed, P.G.C.E.

parent information sharing

Current Issues for our Gifted Children

with Geraldine Townend

This Q&A session is a great opportunity to share ideas, pick brains and meet other parents in an informal and relaxed environment. 

“Why can’t my child make friends?”

“What is it about my kid – she is so inconsistent at school and I am at my wits’ end!”

“The school can’t see what I see – am I imagining things?”

“How can I get his teacher to challenge him more, but without frightening him?”

“I am so worried that my child is bored at school – what can I do without being seen as a ‘pushy parent’?”

You decide the questions you want to discuss…or the ideas to share

Gifted Learners with Learning Disability

Why is my gifted child underachieving at school? Could it be an “overexcitability” or “asynchronous development”?  Or might it be an unidentified learning disability or an undiagnosed medical problem?  And does it really matter what it’s called? 

Presenter: Carol Barnes

Feeling the Moment Drama Workshop

Learn all about expressing emotion through drama and performance.

Where Arts Meets Maths & Science Workshop

Wher do the arts meet maths and science?

Giftedness Seminar:- Intentions and Academic Success: Understanding motivation for gifted children

Intentions and Academic Success: Understanding motivation for gifted children with Lesley Sutherland.

QAGTC 18th State Conference - Σ Gifted: A rising tide that lifts all ships

Come to share and learn with other people interested in meeting the needs of gifted children .

Gold Coast QAGTC


The QAGTC Gold Coast Branch organises a parent/teacher support group sometimes featuring an invited guest speaker.   The group aims to provide a regular forum where parents and teachers can obtain information, support and advice on raising, motivating and advocating for gifted children.
Throughout the year Gold Coast organises:
  • several children's activities (during school terms, usually on Saturday afternoons)
  • parent support group (PSG), usually with guest speaker, at the same time and venue as children's workshops so teachers/parents/carers are able to attend whilst their children are engaged in our workshop activities
  • Gold Coast Branch Committee hold regular meetings (during term time)
Gold Coast Branch Committee 2017-20
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