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Talking to Children about Being Gifted or GLD - Gold Coast

Parents and teachers sometimes wonder if they should “tell” a child that she is gifted or reveal her actual IQ “numeral” and subtest scores. And what is the kindest way to break the news that the gifted child also has a learning disability or ADHD or ASD or perhaps just “something else going on” which sometimes interferes with school achievement? Should the child be told the actual “label” for his disability, or is there sometimes a place for metaphors, euphemisms or other descriptors for this neurodevelopmental paradox? This interactive session will discuss some age-appropriate strategies for speaking to gifted and GLD children and encouraging self-advocacy and self-efficacy – strategies to promote understanding without arrogance, confidence without bravado, and acceptance without despair.

Robotics & Drumming Extravaganza - Gold Coast

Session 1: Wacky Machines of the Future

How can machines make life easier and more fun for humans in the future? Based on the Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions animations, you’ll design and build a Wacky machine like the ‘The Soccamatic’ or the ‘The Autochef’ or even the ‘The Snoozatron’? Participants will look at simple mechanical systems using gears, pulleys and levers and design and build new ‘Wacky’ machines which will make life easier. Construction using LEGO and the LEGO Wedo Robotic kits to develop participants’ understanding of Robotics and how they can be used to control mechanical systems.

Session 2: Dramatic Djembe Drumming

It's totally hands-on, interactive fun with every participant having use of a djembe drum. The facilitator has played at International and National venues including regularly at the Gold Coast Suns Games. Come along for first-hand experience, fun and tuition. 

parent information sharing

Current Issues for our Gifted Children

with Geraldine Townend

This Q&A session is a great opportunity to share ideas, pick brains and meet other parents in an informal and relaxed environment. 

“Why can’t my child make friends?”

“What is it about my kid – she is so inconsistent at school and I am at my wits’ end!”

“The school can’t see what I see – am I imagining things?”

“How can I get his teacher to challenge him more, but without frightening him?”

“I am so worried that my child is bored at school – what can I do without being seen as a ‘pushy parent’?”

You decide the questions you want to discuss…or the ideas to share

May Parent Support Group Meeting - with Guest Speaker

Parent support group meeting with Guest speaker Kathy Mackey.

Gifted Students on the Spectrum

Gifted students who are diagnosed with Asperger’s or are otherwise on the autistic spectrum (ASD) may present parents and teachers with unique challenges.

Gold Coast Branch's End of Year Great Big Science Show!

Be prepared for bangs, sparks and flashes in this not-to-be-missed super end of year GREAT BIG SCIENCE SHOW!

Parent Support Group Meeting

Our October meeting will be the last for 2010.  We will be getting together to share information in an informal way about what we’ve been discussing over the course of the year and what topics we’d like to address in 2011.


We are excited to welcome back one of our very popular science workshop presenters, Terry Lester.

This exciting workshop will include demonstrations and hands-on experiments and activities with conductors, circuits, current, resistance and static electricity. Terry will be discussing atoms and flow of electrons and all about the science behind electricity. 

Artistic Investigation of Identity

“Mirror , Mirror on the wall what’s going to happen when I grow up tall?”

Parent Support Group

The QAGTC Gold Coast Branch organises a range of Saturday afternoon workshops for gifted children throughout the school terms. A parent support group usually runs in conjunction with the workshops, sometimes featuring an invited guest speaker.  

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