Through Different Lenses

Understanding Giftedness and Talent Development 

This evening will help adults supporting gifted children build a clear understanding of common terms and models.


Presents of Mind Excursion

Looking for a Christmas present with a twist?  Come with Brisbane West Branch as we venture into our neighbourhood to discover what our local area has to offer our gifted community.

Christmas Break up Parent Dinner

Join us for a fun relaxed dinner to sign off 2016!

Parent Support Group Meeting- North Branch

Come along for an evening of sharing ideas, questions, triumphs and all the ups and downs of parenting gifted children with other like-minded parents.

North Branch Support Meeting

Come along to meet like-minded parents, share stories and information and learn what's coming up for our North Branch group in the next few months.

North Branch Support Meeting

This month our president, Julia Bailey, will share Dr John Munro's 2013 publication: "High-ability learning and brain processes: How neuroscience can help us to understand how gifted and talented students learn and the implications for teaching."

North Branch Support Meeting

Come along as we continue our monthly article studies, with this month's article:  "Stuck in Another Dimension:  The Exceptionally Gifted Child in School" by Stephanie Tolan.

February Parent/Teacher Support Group Meeting Acceleration: Is moving ahead the right step?

Acceleration: Look at the facts and the myths, and hear about some real life accelerants and their experiences.

Brisbane North Branch June Parent Support Group

The Brisbane North Support Group Meeting is an opportunity for parents, teachers and members of the community who are interested in supporting gifted students to share experiences and gain information.  We have a resource library for our QAGTC financial members.

Acceleration: an active Q&A session conducted by Michelle Juratowitch

West branch offers a number of activities throughout the year specifically to address those questions from our community regarding the issues surrounding the education of our gifted students. These are advertised on the QAGTC webpage, located under the For Parents and Educators - Events heading.

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