Talking to Children about Being Gifted or GLD - Gold Coast

Parents and teachers sometimes wonder if they should “tell” a child that she is gifted or reveal her actual IQ “numeral” and subtest scores. And what is the kindest way to break the news that the gifted child also has a learning disability or ADHD or ASD or perhaps just “something else going on” which sometimes interferes with school achievement? Should the child be told the actual “label” for his disability, or is there sometimes a place for metaphors, euphemisms or other descriptors for this neurodevelopmental paradox? This interactive session will discuss some age-appropriate strategies for speaking to gifted and GLD children and encouraging self-advocacy and self-efficacy – strategies to promote understanding without arrogance, confidence without bravado, and acceptance without despair.

Gold Coast QAGTC


The QAGTC Gold Coast Branch organises a parent/teacher support group sometimes featuring an invited guest speaker.   The group aims to provide a regular forum where parents and teachers can obtain information, support and advice on raising, motivating and advocating for gifted children.
Throughout the year Gold Coast organises:
  • several children's activities (during school terms, usually on Saturday afternoons)
  • parent support group (PSG), usually with guest speaker, at the same time and venue as children's workshops so teachers/parents/carers are able to attend whilst their children are engaged in our workshop activities
  • Gold Coast Branch Committee hold regular meetings (during term time)
Gold Coast Branch Committee 2017-20
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