Brisbane West

Welcome to the Brisbane West Branch of the QAGTC. 

You are invited to become involved in supporting Gifted Children by attending, participating or volunteering at our meetings and events.


We host a parent/teacher information session once a term on Monday nights usually from 7:30-8:30 in the Kenmore Library Meeting room 3.  Check the "events" tab for details on these events and booking.  Sign up to have events emailed directly to you so you don't miss out!

Want more than an information session once a term?  Come along and join our team of committed parents and teachers dedicated to providing support and raising awareness for gifted children in our community!  We meet on the second Monday of the month during school terms from 6:30-7:30 in the Kenmore LIbrary meeting room 3.  Email west [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au for details on membership.


We hold one competition every term on a Sunday usually from 10-11 at the Kenmore Library meeting room 3.

Topics vary every term.  Competitions are open to all children up to the age of 15 years.  If you feel your child is older or younger but would benefit from attending, please email us. Check the events tab or sign up to have events emailed directly to you when they are posted to avoid missing out!

Please email us at west [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au  for payment and entry details. 

Support Group Meetings:

Brisbane West Support Group welcomes Parents, Carers and Teachers of gifted children.  Meetings will be held on selected Monday evenings (7:30 – 9:00pm).

These meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss the needs of our gifted children by sharing of knowledge and experiences.  We hold these meetings in one of the following formats:  Support Group (sharing & resourcing), Focus Topic(s) or Guest Speaker(s).

We can also identify topics of interest for future West Branch Events, eg: Children’s Activities, Gifted Family Networking Events, Guest Speakers or Support Group Meetings.

Please be aware that our Support Group meetings are purposed for Parents, Carers & Teachers, do not bring children to these meetings.

Parent Information Nights (PINs):

Our PINs are suitable for interested Parents, Carers & Teachers.  Please note that children cannot be accommodated for at these evenings.

We will be providing an information night each term.

West Branch Committee Meetings:

Our Branch Committee meets once per month immediately before our Support Group meeting.  If you would like to help, join the committee, contribute to or facilitate activities for Parents and Children in the local area please contact us via: west [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au

Attending our Events

Note:  For Registration & the latest details, please check the Events menu to access all events, or scroll down to the News Items at the bottom section of this page to access West Branch events.

Please read instructions for child free events (ie: Parents, Carers & Teachers only) versus Children's Activities or Gifted Family Networking Events.  At this stage for Children's Activities purposed events our Branch will not be having any 'drop & go'  arrangements.

Please email our Branch if you need to clarify any instructions:  west [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au

Office bearers

President - Melissa Dornhart
Treasurer - Sue Stevens

Secretary - Leisa Taylor

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Susan Stevens

Term 4 Competition Launch

We have launched the 4th and final children’s competition for the year, to conclude on Sunday Nov. 8. The theme: ENGINEERING.

Launching of QAGTC West’s 4th Children’s Competition

Don't miss our final Children's Competition for 2015- Engineering challenge!!

What Options are Available?

This is a question that both gifted children and their parents may often ask; the children because they are looking for more stimulation and challenge and the parents because they are trying to accommodate their children's needs


Calling all 7-15 year old competitors to polish off their ANZAC entries ready to hand in for our history  competition, and pick up the science experiment kit for next term's chemistry competition!!  Prize winner of the English competition will be announced- could it be you?!?!

Boredom can be Fascinating!!

We all recognize the word, the look and the frustration but do we really understand what “boredom” means or know how to respond to the phase “It’s boring!”?... Michele Juratowitch helps us find the answers!