What does QAGTC do to improve the education of gifted students?

I think we need to be active in lobbying and influencing governments and education systems about the need to fund and support gifted education.

Expert answer

QAGTC has a State Management Committee consisting of professionals who regularly attend meetings with top level staff in Education Queensland, Brisbane Catholic Education, and Independent Schools of Queensland to advocate for gifted students everywhere. We have developed a comprehensive set of Indicators and Strategies for schools to check whether they are making progress in their achievement of the best possible provisions for gifted children. The first publication was framed around Education Queensland's action plan for gifted students and is available to all. Currently negotiations are underway to publish a similar document for Catholic Education (nearing completion) and a third iteration is starting that will help independent schools determine their level of success in providing first-rate gifted education (for completion next term). QAGTC is quoted as 'keeping the government honest' in continuing the current level of funding. Although we believe this to be inadequate, at least it is being maintained. The battle continues.

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