To obtain your free Web Account for the QAGTC website, click the "SITE LOGIN / ACCOUNT"  button at the top of the page and then select "Click here to Register for your free account".

Please understand that creating a WEB ACCOUNT does not make someone a QAGTC Member. Membership occurs after paying the annual subscription and, for new members, initial ratification from the Management Committee.

Levels of membership are described below

Level of Membership$Cost
Anonymous (Cannot book into events)Free
WEB ACCOUNT (can go onto activity waiting lists)Free
QAGTC Financial Member (can book directly into events and other benefits)$Membership Fees paid

What do I do if I'm already a financial QAGTC Member???

If you are already a financial QAGTC member, you simply apply for a site login (as mentioned above and demonstrated below) and then send us an email to office [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au so that we can activate the extra benefits to your account. This may take a few days while we continue the changeover process but, until then, you can use the "registered user" sections of the website.

Still Not Sure??

Watch this short video which explains how it all works

Click here to Watch Video